Polystyrene hats; bowler, cheese cutter, mad-hatter and cowboy hats It can also be used for ice buckets

                         You can use the beanbag filler product for building projects,for a light weight concrete (we have a receipe for this) and to fill up beanbags, stuffed anim

                                                             Polystyrene Balls for school proje

                  We sell Expanded Polystyrene Sheets in all density's and thickness.  Polystyrene sheets can be use in building projects, for isolation in roofs, walls and floors, in c

  We have different sizes medical and cooler boxes, contact us for assistance 22 liter polystyrene cooler box 6 pack polystyrene wine pack 5 liter boks 11 liter chemist box 6 pack shallow 6 pack high

          Molded products like balls, hats, wigheads torsos, mannequins  and cooller boxes

  This is products made from recycled expanded polystyrene that are formed to make an extruded skirting s and dado rails. It is also 100% recyclable all these products can be recycled over and over. Benefits durable rot resistant, maintena

Use small polystyrene beads or the x grade polystyrene sheets to be cut smaller for safe packaging to courier your goods

  Lots of different sizes medical boxes ask for assistance

Polystyrene Building blocks for building projects. Direct isolation indoor