Expanded Polystyrene is cost effective environmentally friendly with cushioning quality, light weight easy to transport material and absorbs sound. It does not rot or degrade over time and remains dimensionally stable will remain functional for the life of any building. Expanded polystyrene is non – toxin and totally inert, unlike gas extruded polystyrene, it contains no cfc’s or hcfc’s, it is absent of any nutritional value, therefor no fungus or microorganism can grow on or within it. Expanded polystyrene resists degradation by water and does not decompose, therefor provides a lifetime of durability.  It is light, practical, easy and safe to handle and to install.

If you need to pack, protect, insulate or construct and you need polystyrene we can help : Expanded polystyrene sheets in all densities, sizes and thickness, for isolation purposes, ceilings, building projects, arts & crafts, DIY projects, home décor, school projects and more, Isolation panels for cold rooms, offices and classrooms, Regrind for building projects, lightweight cement, beanbag filler, to stuff soft toys, arts & crafts,  Expansion joints, Void former's, Polystyrene hats, balls, wig heads, Cooler boxes Medical boxes and more.

We are firm believers of polystyrene recycling

Reduce, re-use and recycle

For example a polystyrene hot beverage cup requires about 50 percent less energy to produce than a similar coated paperboard cup with corrugated cup sleeves. It helps in foods waste; salad can stay up to 10 days longer fresh in high polystyrene packaged.  

There is recycling programs all over South Africa, polystyrene materials can be reprocessed and molded into new products. Polystyrene recycling is within everyone’s reach and can be done

Benefits of recycling:

Create jobs and extra income                     Use less energy

Save natural resources                               Reduce pollution

Recycled Polystyrene is used to make

  • Furniture (inside and outside)
  • Toys
  • Cornices
  • Cutlery
  • Picture frames
  • Floor bricks
  • Sculpting
  • Bottom of fish tanks
  • Skirting’s & Dado rails